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PETRON Gasul: Ang Segurista, May Reserba

May 29, 2014

PETRON Gasul goes stronger with its “segurista” campaign by encouraging home chefs to ensure the success of their culinary efforts by always having a reserve tank in the kitchen.

Traditionally, most homes have an 11-kg cylinder LPG tank.  Many of us have experienced the difficulty of suddenly running out of fuel and waiting for delivery while in the middle of preparing a meal. To make sure our signature dishes are cooked to perfection, why not have a spare 2.7-kg PETRON Gasulette tank on standby? Fitted with a burner, it is also an essential gear for those outdoor adventure trips or outings.  Be warned, though, your little boy scouts might want one for their jambo20140529_Gasul Omni Tanksrees.

Even if you do not usually use an LPG stove for cooking, having a PETRON Gasulette in reserve could be the perfect lifesaver during brownouts for those who normally use an electric stove or induction cooker. Or if you use charcoal for cooking, your PETRON Gasulette will be useful as an alternative cooking fuel during the rainy season.

For bigger households, there is also a 7-kg PETRON Gasul cylinder to tide you over until you can get your regular 11-kg tank refilled. Having a reserve tank on hand can be a big help in case you need to wait for the next payday to refill your bigger LPG tank.

For many generations, Filipino homes have relied on PETRON Gasul because of its safety, quality and authenticity—indeed, the gold standard of PETRON LPG. To enjoy free home delivery in Metro Manila, simply dial the PETRON Gasul Delivery Hotline number 737-8000.


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